Thursday, 5 January 2012

I resolve to knit socks in 2012

I finished knitting two hippos and a bunny for my nibblings (niece's and nephew's) Christmas presents last week.

Yes their presents were technically a few days late for Christmas but this is a significant improvement on last years effort which they received in August. Fortunately being 2 and 5 year's old they didn't pick up on the fact that their presents were 8 months late but unfortunately do now anticipate two Christmases per year!

After finishing their toys and having a few days holiday break left I decided to take a look in one of my very disorganised yarn boxes for a new project. Instead I came across a 1/4 started pair of socks. My first ever pair of socks.

My partner bought me two balls of sock yarn early last year and I had every intention of completing two pairs of socks in time for winter. I got as far as needing to turn the heel on the first sock, panicked, and ran away.

Last week I resolved to make 2012 the year of the successful sock!

I did my research. Read my pattern. Trawled some blogs with all sorts of helpful advice for "turning the perfect heel". Contemplated watching some you tube clips but decided, given my unusual knitting technique, I would just get confused further. Ate plenty of left over home made Christmas shortbread and read my pattern another billion times.

On New Years day I took the plunge. Made a complete mess of it on the first try. Undid and then redid with some success!

Sock one (pictured) of two is now complete and, even tho it's the middle of summer I have been proudly wearing it on my foot.

So my big goal for 2012 (after finishing this pair of socks and maybe a few more) is to learn how to knit two socks at a time on one pair of circular needles starting at the toe. Wish me luck!


  1. That sock is lookin' good! :D Good luck on your sock-filled year!

  2. i am very excited by that proposition! being a not-able-to-knit-or-make-socks kind of person!please post pictures a-plenty!! :)