Saturday, 14 January 2012

So I made a second sock...

I've made another sock but it's not the sock to go with my first sock. Sock number two of pair number one has commenced and I'm about half way between the top of the sock and the heal but I might have gotten a bit distracted.

Last weekend I picked up some really lovely baby cotton on an accidental yarn buying adventure and decided that I really needed to knit a pair of baby socks with it. I mean how was I ever really going to get a true handle on the anatomy of socks without starting with the basics! Besides which this colored cotton was a heavier weight, calling for much bigger needles to knit a much smaller sock, and resulting in almost instant gratification!

So now I have made a second sock. A little tiny cute baby sock and I'm really happy with it. I now feel much more comfortable with the concept of turning a heal and sock construction than I did before.

I still have the second one of this pair to do (which I should do soon because I may have not run exactly according to the pattern I found online and might be holding the details of my slight modifications in my head!!!This never ends well), and the second one of my first pair to finish but I am no longer afraid. I no longer think of gusset as a dirty word! I no longer fear the sock!

The goal is now to complete these and then try one pair (both socks together) on one pair of circular needles. Not sure at this stage whether to try this top down for a first go or jump in, feet first, and start with the toe! The possibilities are endless.

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